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Happy Friday everyone! It's nearly the weekend and what better way to kick it off than with a fantastic giveaway! Yes the uber gorgeous Cushlab felt cushion shown above is up for grabs!!! The colour combination is exclusive to obsessilicious and has been made just for this competition.

All you have to do is leave a comment and then one very lucky winner will be randomly picked. Closing date is Thursday 28th January and the winner will be announced on Friday 29th January 2010. International comments are also welcome.

The only problem with it is that I can't enter and I REALLY want that cushion!

Due to comments being moderated they may not appear straight away.

Good luck everyone!

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Pick me! Pick me! Lol! Those colours would go perfectly on my sofa! :)



Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart

I went on their site when you posted their products the other day; they are really wonderful, and I love wood grain (I designed a rug in wood grain for a Show House some years ago and I still have it.) I relly like their other patterns also.(the Union Jack in all its forms) and felt is so comfortable feeling and looking. I want to win one! so thank you for doing the giveaway. a bientot.


GEORGOUS. Loving it and the perfect colour combo. Please please let it be me! :)


Oooh, the colour combo is fab and I was just thinking of yellow as an accent colour in my lounger once I decorate. I have always wanted a felt woodgrain cushion from Cushlab too. Good luck everybody!


I absolutely loooove these cushions! Amazingly creative and love the idea of felt.


I want it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pick me!


Oooh, I so love it - please pick me, I promise I will give it a very good and loving home!! ;-)


What a great design, I love it!


Love those colours! Thanks for introducing us to Cushlab... off to browse their store right now (along with Sanna Aunnukka's birds, ur making me spend Griffo!)


My wood grain Cushlab cushion needs a sibling! As Morrissey once sang: "please please please let me get what I want...." Well done on such a fab and exclusive coup!!! xx


Loving this cushion - I WANT IT!!! Just doing my bedroom in grey with accents of yellow and this would go perfectly! I'll be keeping everything crossed!


Very Awesome! wood grain 4 life!


I really LOVE this Cushlab cush,
I think it's really pretty!!
In a vain attempt to sway your vote,
I've composed this little ditty!

Well done on a fabulous's very exciting. Pick


I wanted to go against "the grain" and not enter but I just could not resist; the lure was too strong.



My Mum promised me a Cushlab Cushion if I got a good report. I did and she did not. Can you help please?

Love Bella

Mr P

Fantastic cushion, fantastic design and luverly colours,I hope I win so that I can swap out one of the "Battlestar Galatica" cushions my wife insists on placing on the sofa


I am poor and cannot afford cushions, let alone such blooming gorgeous ones. I would be grateful for your most considerate attention in this matter lovely Mr G x


Pick me Nigel! Then I can reveal myself to you!! Ooh er!! xx


sweet dreams are made of this - CUSHLAB. count me in. BY the way how many entries per household?


What a scrumptious color/texture combo!


Lovely! Would look very nice indeed on my new habitat grey ella sofa when it is delivered x


Well I see half of Munch's "The Scream" lying on it's side. Oops sorry wrong competition.


Lovely. Great colour combo.


The Cushlab cushion would totally compliment my two Yumalum prints, the "Love" wallpaper on my iphone .....


Really, really lovely!!!
The claw will choose me, choooossssee


I'm intrigued to know what a Battlestar Gallactica cushion is...?! I think I want one of those, too...


I'd love to win, love that cushion


I just bought a new home and I almost don't have anything between 4 walls and after this big investment I don't have money to buy anything. Please pick me to give my very first home some comfort.


Love your blog and love Cushlab.

I had one of these on my Christmas list but my husband did not take the hint, so hopefully this might be my lucky year instead x


What a dreampillow!

sarah { esseegee }

I have been dreaming of that pillow ever since I first saw it on your blog! I want one!!


What a totally scrumptious colour combo of yellow and grey, and such an intricate design perfectly executed. I would really love to win this exclusive design from Cushlab. Please pick me :)


Oooh fab giveaway... love cushlab! :)

Christopher Langwade

Great blog, great ideas, love the cushion!


This cushion is perfection. I'm dreaming of this eye catcher sitting on my bay window seat... Oh yes!


Please please lovely Mr Griffo add me to the list of hopeful applicants.

Kerry Veitch

What a beautiful cushion, truly a work of art!!


Rebecca Allred

This is such a great look. I hope I get it :D


I would love to have one!


I'm sure that pattern spells out sara, it must be mine......

cerentha harris

Hey there
I'd love the cushion but I am actually writing because I would like to interview you for Herman Miller's new blog - Lifework (
Can you email me? cerenthaATmacDOTcom.
Love your blog!


Its absolutely gorgeous.


Oh my gosh, I have been obsessed with this felt wood grain pillow for over a year now. I even bought felt for my mother in law to replicate it for me. But she never got around to it. If I won, it would save her hours of labor and me many moons of yearning. I gotta have it!


me like the cushions alot, they are gorgeous!! oh how my sofa would love a felt cushion. x


I have been really touched by all your lovely kind comments about the is currently sat in my bedroom wrapped in bubblewrap so I am not tempted to use it!
Thankyou to Griffo for asking me to donate to his competition on his fantastic blog, I wish everyone the best of luck.
lets do it again later in the year.
Becca xxx


Becca what a fabulous idea - may I enter now please?


thank you so much for doing this awesome giveaway! i would love to win!


So mad I missed this giveaway but congrats to the winner. That cushion is divine!


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