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Music to David's ears...

Well after the chatter about who has the bigger addiction in this household David has gone and treated himself to yet more gadgets! This time it is the rather beautiful looking Sonos Touch Screen Controller and the Sonos ZP90 Zonplayer which for those who haven't come across them before are for playing music around the home wirelessly. Apparently it plugs into the amp in the lounge and away you go, it's probably not that simple but David sorts that kind of thing out and I just sit back and enjoy the benefits! We will be able to add more wireless speaker thingy wotsits in other rooms in the apartment and have the same or different music playing in each room which will be great for parties. It will be with us tomorrow so David is beside himself with excitement and he even paid slightly more so that he could get it delivered sooner! So do we need one?! Am I pleased that he has bought one? ....yes! Am I pleased that he is addicted to gadgets?....Sometimes....maybe...oh OK then yes I am!

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