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If the lampshade fits...

...then stand back and admire.I decided to name this blog post after one of my favourite Interboogle blogs by the fabulous and lovely Raina because the Random lampshade sure does fit perfectly in our stairwell.

My planks of wood were delivered (it's handy having a sister-in-law whose boyfriend owns a lumber yard) and I cut them to fit across the gap, fitted them into place and spent most of last Sunday painting the stairwell with Dulux Absolute White. Then came the long awaited moment of fitting the new lampshade. It was a bit tricky because the whole thing has to be fitted in one piece but (with a little help from David who held the shade out of the way) I eventually managed to do it and what a difference it makes. It has transformed what has always been a boring, tall and dead space into something rather special. The gap between the shade and the walls is only about 8cm either side so it creates the most amazing shadows all over the walls. It does actually look much bigger in real life. I couldn't be happier...

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That must be one of the best displays of a Random Light that I have ever seen. Perfect!


Too lovely for words. It really does transform the space. Well worth the trip to South London!!
;-) I admire your get up and go, as soon as you decide to do something you do it. I wish I could catch the same bug!!

Raina Cox

Holy mackerel! That is AMAZING.

And that you installed yourself in a stairwell...

I bow to you Sir with a flourish of my hat.

Raina Cox

P.S. Thanks for the shout-out. Kisses!


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