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The Impossible giveaway...

The day has arrived that I can announce some very exciting news that I have been bursting to tell you all for the last few months.

I was contacted by The Impossible Project regarding my Polaroid inspired prints and the possibility of selling them in their New York store. I was extremely excited about the prospect and incredibly flattered. This then evolved into the idea of doing an exclusive Impossible version and here it is.

If you haven't heard of The Impossible Project (then where have you been!?) they are the team of people who in 2008 saved the very last Polaroid production plant for integral instant film in Enschede (NL) and started to invent and produce totally new instant film materials for traditional Polaroid cameras. In 2010 Impossible saved analog instant photography from extinction by releasing various brand new and unique instant films. By doing so more than 300,000,000 perfectly functioning Polaroid cameras were saved from becoming obsolete.

The print is now available for $75 in their New York store in SoHo but if you can't make it there and would like one then this could be your lucky day because...yes...we are giving one away!

All you have to do is leave a comment and then one very lucky winner will be randomly chosen. Closing time and date is 4 pm Friday 24th June 2011 (UK time) and the winner will be announced shortly afterwards. International comments are welcome.

Comments are moderated so it may take a while for them to appear. If you are anonymous then please leave a name in your comment.

Good luck everyone!

UPDATE! This giveaway has now ended and the winner will be announced very soon!

Comments for this entry


Oh, I want to enter please!



What a great print!


oh oh oh...pick me! I LOVE the print and equally LOVE the film! We got some of the black and white a few weeks ago and it's stunning.


Count me in!


wow!! a fantastic design and an amazing project to be working with - no wonder you're so excited !! :)


I'm throwing my hat in the ring
My luck just may be in
O how I would love to win
Sure if you're not in, you cant
So I leave it in your good (uber-creative) hands
In the hope that I dont have to
Beg, steal or borrow, which may be my
Last resort
Either way I must have one!


Wow definitely in this one. Those look amazing.


yes, please!


Congratulations on your latest venture you must be so proud and thrilled. I hope it brings the success your talent deserves. MrsJ.


That would be awesome! *raises hand

Chris Thomson

Really cool image and well done on getting your print into the New York store.

mr. eric

Beautiful prints. Would love to have it on my wall. Great job!


Sweet! I hope you pick me for a print! :-)


Hey it's cool! :D
Let me try to win it! :)


It's nice that.
I'd like to have one in my kitchen.


Rad print & contest!


Ooh. That looks stunning. I want to enter so I can give it to my girlfriend; she loves Polaroids (and now the Impossible Project). If you want to see her photos, there are some on flickr.

Tanja Tiziana

Congratulations! Well deserved.


lovely print, & so happy! I'd love to have this cheerful work on my wall!

Alisha Ippolito

Awesome work, so inspiring, congrats!! Please enter me for the contest. My first camera was a Instand Polaroid :)






great looking print!

Tricia O'Neill

This print is polaroidlicious. Pick me! Pick me!


woo hoo! awesome print!

Heather Ellis

So cute!!

Jesse Freidin

Your work is amazing and inspiring. so glad you've teamed up with TIP- some good friends and heros of mine. I'm throwing myself into the raffle pool!

Greg Fiala

I'd like to entered, too. I love the print!


I am an absolute Polaroid fanatic and would love love love to have this print! Pretty please :)


Congratulations on your good news. Your Polaroid-inspired prints are wonderful, and I'd love to own one.


may i have one please?


please choose me! :)


Great print! Want one really bad!


sweet print. i'm in


I would LOVE one! They look Wonderful


lets try out my luck~~
fingers crossed!! :)
all the best :P

Andrea L. Gerlach

Your print captures the vintage essence of Polaroid and the hope and renewal of Impossible! Beautiful. I would be proud to share the print!

tiny tin robot

What a lovely alteration to your original, I would love to win one x

Dirk [floyd] Essl

Awesome print to share the Polaroid Love!


absolutly in <3 ...


Do I need it? Nope..
Do I want it? Oh yes, me wants it bad!

Ofcourse, congrats to you that you've made it into the New York store.



Wahoo, count me in!

-Emily Wilcox


i am collecting all the actual polaroids so please let me win this too! =) thank you!


Nick UK

I picked a good time to have a catch up! And I hope that David is doing the draw again, LOL.

Andrea Dixon

Wow! Gorgeous print!


dope style baby


I look at this and see pure joy! I love it. Great work. Also checked out your etsy store and admire all of your work. Count me in!


Beautiful. Would look great in my new apartment.


Love this print Mr G and so excited for you!
Hannah x

jared thompson

its impossible to not want to win this giveaway!


Ohhh - I would love to win this print!


Mmmmm, delicious new print and so exciting to be on sale in NY! Well done Mr G! Siane x


Ace of Base is not my favorite music

Cameron Lew

OMG! Love impossible, love this poster!


Fabulous work! I'm a Polaroid fanatic and need this print.


Please count me in. Your prints are ultra cool. xx

Teryn Brown

I just got done looking at your etsy page and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your prints! Polaroid/Impossible is so amazing and so is your artwork! <3

Hannah Coleman

Amazing collaboration amazing work bright cheerful full of life and energy here's my chance to win something quite amazing :-)


Loving the prints! SO much love for the Impossible Project <3

Michael A. Cooper

Love the print! Love the Impossible Project.

If I could love my Polaroid camera any more... I couldn't.

successfully tried some emulsion lift's today, on some pictures I didn't mind ruining - now to move onto some good ones!

Mrs Elliott

Would love to win one! Been following your antics for a while now. :-)

Mrs Mick Elliott

Pamela Herrick

Have coasted by your Etsy shop and love your prints. Congrats on the IP partnership!

Brandon Smith

Great to see a group saving a little bit of nostalgia! I grew up with the Polaroid camera and would hate to see it go by the wayside.




I love it so much! Congrats on everything, nothing is Impossible!!! :D -Mia


Nothing is Impossible! So just trying to win this lovely print! Yes it's true I love it!
The Netherlands.


It's SO EXCELLENT I can hardly stand it. Finger crossed!!


Fabio Rigamonti

I'd like to take part at the contest!

View from the Glen

Nifty prints.


This will make my new appartment superduperawesome!


This sounds too impossible to be true! Thus, I am in!

eme minĂºscula

can't wait to use it! ;)


My Polaroid Pronto 600 is loaded with one of their color shade films right now! Only two shots left...


This is lovely and would love to own it!


I'm feeling lucky!!!


This makes me tingle!


I love you guys for everything that you've accomplished and continue to accomplish.

(a starving artist who'd rather buy a pack of PZ silver shade than have his next meal)


I'd love to win.
My parents gave me their SX 70 and I am testing it out with - not much success but will keep trying.

Four Hearts

Adorable print! I'd love to win it!

Clemence - Oh The Lovely Things

Oh wow, it's awesome! I want to enter too!

Jade Sheldon

Just beautiful! Hope it will soon be mine!

Blue Star CrossFit

Love the prints you have! They are so cool! I hope I win!



Juan Shangguan

My best memories of my childhood was captured with a SX-70 and later with a spectra AF.

Polaroid and now The Impossible Project have and will accompany me thru my life!

Eric Tsai

Beautiful Poster :) makes me smile


Count me in! :-) What a beautiful print.

- Nick Leonard


Sitting in a gallery in rainy UK;
Your rainbow print would really brighten my day... x


Wow, that is such exciting news. Congratulations. It is such a fab print!

Please enter me. *fingers are crossed*


Hot Magenta Blog

It's amazing!


What a fantastic project and what an extremely cool print. Obviously, I'd love to win it, but if I'm not fortunate enough to get picked out of the virtual hat, I will simply pass on my congratulations instead.

All the best,

Ben. @dublonothing on twitter


Congrats! Love that print...

Donna Rosser

awesome news!


The look and feel of the sixties brought bang up to date. Superb Pop Art.

dr c

Violet Tayeh

Pick me!!! Pick me!!! Pick me!!!
=D =D =D


beautiful print! :)

saer @ { craven maven }

This is me leaving a comment :) The camera reminds me of an old polaroid camera I have knocking around my home somewhere..



So pleased for you Griffo. Will they have it in stock when you and D are out there? That would be amazing!


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