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I've bought a few delicious things recently or as David would say "Not more tat!?"

First off we have a rather large and heavy book all about the designer Alexander Girard. It's one of the most beautiful books I've ever seen! It's stuffed full of gorgeous images, oh and some text but I haven't got around to actually reading anything yet because I'm constantly sidetracked by the images. It retails for around a hefty £130 and I managed to get it on Evilbay for £69.

Secondly we have the Cross blanket by Pia wallen. This is the less expensive version of the famous Crux blanket and it is gorgeous! Well worth every penny and no I didn't get it at a bargain price but I've wanted one for so long, they were at last back in stock and I just had to have one. Slaps hand.

Just look at that large blue beauty in the third pic! I needed a larger Krenit bowl to keep my smaller ones company. I've watched so many over the last few years on Evilbay and the price has just gone up and up as has anything Mid Century Modern so I thought it would go for around £150. It was in Americaland and the auction finished at stupid o'clock in the middle of the night, so I placed a bid with my top amount being £90 but I really didn't think I had a chance. I won it for £55! There were import charges but the less said about that the better because I'll start ranting about it! 

Last of all is an Arabia vase which I managed to win on Evilbay for £19. Slightly smaller than I though but even nicer in real life.

I've also got my hands on another large Krenit bowl in red this week and at an amazing price! Pics soon...

Have a great weekend!

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Like it all. That book looks amazing. x


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