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Etsy shop coming soon...

I shall soon be opening an Etsy shop online selling my photographic and graphical designs.
This is one of my designs called "Biglove" which is available in any colour combination.

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When will it be up and running? I would love one of these! You are very clever!


Hello....Very soon I hope !!
They are available now...I cam mail you different colour combinations if you like.
Do I know you ??...You didn't leave your name.


It's only people who "know" you who do leave nice comments! Is that why you haven't bothered with your "Etsy shop"?!!

becca (susan14)

Why post such nasty comments for no reason.....
yes I am a friend but I LOVE this print and have already put in my order, and I didn't need him to have an etsy shop in order to get it.....good design sells!!!
Even if I didn't know him this is still EXACTLY the kind of thing I want in my sound little jealous...are things not going so well for you?


we love it!

what color combinations do you have?

how much?

how soon could we get one?



Glad you like it!
I can do any colour combination you like.
I will be mailing you more details asap.


Hi, can you please let me know how I could go about ordering one of your prints.

Thank you.


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