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New obsession?

Hello people and welcome to the world of Obsessilicious.
A bitesize chunk of the interboogle to show what I get obsessed about in the world of design and to show off my own designs along the way.
Will blogging become an obsession?.......Stupid question!.....Next !!...

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Yes it will! I love the name of your blog, very fitting!
And i look forward to seeing more!
Just don't forget about us over on BE!
Roma xx


How could I ever forget you Bitches !! LOL !!
Thankyou !!

Mr G.x


I am surprised..
No chairs on the blog yet...

Bitches rool...

Mr thirty-eight-seventy-eight


LOL....There are now !!


Yay for another blog for me to follow avidly and to help me avoid doing anything remotely useful during the day!

mwah mwah!



Welcome to blog slog xx


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