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Positivity poster...

This is the first design for a series of positive message posters that I have been working on.

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Yawn.. nothing to do with advice to sink in slowly? Get some originality man!


Get a name "man" and show yourself !
My work is original thanks.
I don't see you ,whoever you are, putting any of your designs out there.......or are you just shy??
If you don't like it or find it to be tiresome then deal with it.


What a rude comment. If you feel the need to be rude on a blog at least stand by your opinions, how very cowardly.

I enjoy the blog and hope to see more.



Sorry Griffo. I'm not a designer just a design lover and I hate to see poorly executed rip offs. Natalie, I don't understand how I'm not standing by my opinions. If you look on you will see what I mean, I'm sure Griffo wouldn't deny that he has looked at this website? I wonder why you have the options for comments if you don't want to hear them?


You cannot 'anonymously' stand by your opinions. Therefore it just doesn't count.

I do not understand why Griffo would need to deny looking at that particular website. Those posters are quite strange/quirky/arty and i find this 'rise above it' poster a TOTALLY different graphic design with striking, bold clean lines.

Your yawn comment immediately struck me as incredibly rude and i for one, as a reader, do not enjoy seeing such comments on my enjoyable blog reads.

I have no further interest in any discussion with you 'anonymous'.

Apologies Griffo for my part in souring your blog.



Totally agree with Natalie.

Love Griffo's design which is something I would happily have on my desk or wall.

"Anonymous", I saw nothing on that website that I liked, nor did anything look vaguely similar IMHO. What IS your problem?

I don't get people who come on to a very popular, positive site and HAVE to say something negative.



Oh, I see, if I told you my name, that would make a difference to my opinion. Right then.

I don't have a problem, but anyone who can't see the similarities is in serious denial.



OMG "Graeme" I see what you mean!!!
I have had the audacity to design.......a poster !!!!
What exactly have I "poorly" ripped off by the way?????

BTW the name you have given was not the name I meant assuming that that is your real name and not a Livingetc forum alias????

Thanks Natalie and Emily and don't worry there is only one person souring the atmosphere around here.


Oh yes, you "designed" it didn't you! Nice getting support from "Natalie" and "Emily" though.


'graham' I am genuinely interested in why you feel the need to is as if you feel everything is and should be a fight, is this the way you deal with things in your real life, does it make you happy to be so confrontational...(I am honestly saying this with a friendly tone) I haven't looked at the site you mention but does it matter if something is derivative, most things are, it is poster design! Griffos site is full of fantastic things, it seems odd that you would be keen to bring such a negative tone to such a good site, maybe if you put your criticisms in a constructive way people wouldn't attack you back.... honestly what is bothering you...maybe you should talk to a friend about it, it sounds like you have a personal problem with griffo rather than his work....I am guessing you don't even know him so wouldn't it be better just to not log onto the site and spare yourself the aggro?
be happy x


Aww Becca you're so caring! Love ya honey xxxx Be happy too!!



Graeme - it's obvious you are a reader of the livingetc forums. So what is your forum username? Honest answer please if you do believe in standing by your (rather rude...) opinions!


I would hazzard a guess at....Jonc?
tell me if I am wrong....

Helen H

Mr.G Anonoymus
You are a sad annoying little twat, go away, get a life or some friends,however unlikely that might seem, but as a last resort buy some therapy


Ignore the spiteful comments of somebody who is intent on getting a 'rise' from the people who enjoy the inspiration this blog provides, and follow the mantra of the poster that it erupted from. Therapy lesson ended.
Nicky X


I find the furore surrounding my original comment both extraordinary and completely irrational.

You have chosen to put something on your blog and therefore into the public domain, however as soon as you get a negative critical response, you and your pals get all defensive and then go on the attack. If your ego strength is so weak that you only want unconditional positive regard, why not just email this stuff between yourselves - that way you won't risk an unwanted contribution from the peanut gallery.

It is bizarre to demand that I'm man enough to come out and name myself - this is the internet, nobody can be sure who anyone else is. In that context, how does choosing to remain anonymous or otherwise, validate or invalidate my comments?

To top it all, after being accused of being spiteful, I'm then advised to get some therapy before being called "a twat" - do none of you know the meaning of irony?! Cheers all - G


I dont mean to be rude, but i looked at the site you reffered to and i dont see how Griffo's poster at all looks similar to any of the work shown on the site.
Maybe it would be usefull to go and 'rise above it' as you are obviously jealous of his talent.

There is no need to be so insulting, it is ment to be a blog, where people give encouragement and 'constructive' criticism if any at all.

Also there is no need to keep arguing your point, let it go, you are just getting enemy's which is doing you no favours, if you didnt want such a negativeresponse, you could have shown your opinion in a constructive way, what would have benefits to those that read it, instead of being so spiteful.



So now I have weak ego and I need critical acclaim for everything I do???
Your rude and unnecessary comments about my designs seem to be an excuse to personally attack me, I would have more respect for you if you would actually admit the real reasons behind the vitriol towards me.
You also seem to have a problem with my friends backing me up or liking my work, just because someone knows me it doesn't mean they like everything I do and so what if they do.
You accuse me of having seen the website you refer to and then ripping them off, well for your information I first saw that site last Wednesday after it was linked to from the Livingetc site.
I have actually been working on this design and the other two in the series on and off for the last few months.
Not everything is totally original on that website anyway, take the "Be adventurous" helvetica typeface poster for example, there is a huge backlash trend at the moment against helvetica and I have seen many variants on that theme.Will you be posting your rude opinions on there as well or is it just me that you want to single out???


Graeme. I really do think you are starting to believe your own bullsh*t!

Anonymous comments are one thing but rude pointless anonymous comments when this is not the first time and being a 'mute' regular on the livingetc forums you are starting to remind me of a stalker.

For someone so familiar with the internet you must know there are a lot of various inspirational posters out there, and inspirational posters have been around for years.

And yes, go reply to me and pick flaws in what i've said and act all gobsmacked innocent cyber person. You KNOW there was more to your 'yawn blah blah' comment and with each follow up post you really are looking like more of a fool.... jealous fool maybe.

Bored now.


while walking round tescos this morning the shocking truth fell upon me in the baked beans aisle....this isn't about the poster, this isn't about disliking griffo, it is ALL about posting comments that whip us all into a frenzy, he is getting a kick off winding a bunch of strangers up with a few sad words...and so far it is working brilliantly and he is soaking up the attention...rather like a naughty child, so I for one am going to just ignore anything else he says....feel better already!


Well, sweet of you to think of me in tesco, did you dream about me too?


I do feel compelled to comment on this rather fatuous debate, or, rather, the initial comment. The fact that it was very rudely expressed is by the by, although I do feel it rather meanspirited of you Graeme (and not in your favour)to contribute in such a non constructive manner. I am sure that the subsequent arguments against you are not a backlash against criticism per se, but rather the fact that you should launch such a vitriolic personal attack.
Anyway, isn't the whole point of design, and culture in general,to be a product of what has gone before? How could it evolve otherwise? Noone lives in a vacuum, hence all our creative endeavours will, to some extent, be determined by our past experiences and influences and our interpretations of these as they are filtered through our individual perceptions. What film or book or piece of art have you ever seen that didn't bear reference to another? I am sure that the piece of art that you cite in your argument also has artistic references as a result of that designer's influences.Unless you were the first person on earth I doubt very much whether it is possible to have a fundamentally original thought or concept. What changes is the interpretation of that concept or thought, and, in this respect, Griffo's work stands as a completely legitimate and original design.
I completely respect the work and conviction that goes into this blog and I feel rather sad that there are individuals who feel compelled to comment from the sidelines in such an unnecessarily poisonous fashion.


get some sleep love


G, I looked at the website you suggested that griffo copied from and cannot find any similarities apart from the fact that they both quote positive statements. As Wiz stated, we canot all be original, we all must gain our ideas from things we have seen, observed etc If as you suggest we shouldn't then I feel you should also be negative to the countless artists out there producing similar- Anthony Burrill for example who's prints are fantastic but hey who do you suggest he copied from?
Apart from that it is really childish of you to reply with "get some sleep love" to Wiz's perfectly sensible comments and I am sure Wiz would rather not be refered to as "love"


seen this??


Have I seen it?....Yes.
Are there similarities?....Yes.
Did I intentionally copy it?....No.
Do I care?....No.


Whatever. Your poster is ugly. The original is cute. You just seem like a fresh-out-of-college amateur.


Thank you for your opinion, it's always good to know what people think although you could be a bit more constructive instead of constantly resorting to personal insults.
I love my work and my you?


Griffo, just to let you know that I didn't make those last 2 anon posts. But I looked at the site referred to and it's even more of a rip off than the one I found. Undeniably so. You may not care about this but I'm sure the original artist would. A quick look through your blog suggests that three different people have mentioned the similarity of your so-called work to various artists, surely this should tell you something?



....and he's back with more insults.
If the artist read this then they will know that it wasn't intentional.
With all the anonymoty going on around here who knows who anybody is but I know who I am and what I am about.
I assume you are talking about the lampshade designs so get your facts right before you shoot your mouth off,Rachel only said that it reminded her of her friends work and actually apologised for causing any confusion, she wasn't actually accusing me of anything!!
You accused me before of ripping off the work on the other website when the only similarity was that it was a "positive" poster so again you are wrong.
Surely you should ask yourself why you keep coming back to my blog to see my "so-called work" if you have such a problem with it????
Maybe you could spend your time doing something more positive....


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