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Eating Eames!...

It was my birthday on Tuesday and I had an absolutely fantastic day thanks to my partner David and my family and friends......thank you all !!! It was all topped off by my Eames lounger birthday cake above......I was quite literally gobsmacked!!!

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Cannot believe that is a cake!! I've just stared at it for ages and it's doing my head in....

How cool!! xx


Again, it is caketastic!! PMSL at the title of this entry, I did automatically think of our Eames!!


OMFG! Is this for real? I was really stumped when I first saw the picture as I couldn't work out the scale then I scrolled down and realised it was a cake! Fanbloodytastic! What was it amde of?! I think I would have done a Miss Haversham and just let it sit on our dining table gathering dust for about a hundred years! Happy Birthday, Griffo, and many more of them.
Biba and AO: miss you! And no, you can't eat me....LOL!


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