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Oh the shame...

The flooring is for this room, it has all been re-plastered to cover up the disgusting swirly artex and we had the cupboards built in for some much needed storage space. I hate the metalwork and that has to go and be replaced with a much more minimal look or perhaps frameless glass. The very dated spiral staircase also needs to be replaced. It's actually the last room that we need to finish and I have posted these pics to shame myself into doing so......

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And he has the audacity to shame MY JUG!!! LOLOLOLOL!!! Coming on nicely me thinks, cant wait to see it finished! Is this the infamous "Coffin"???? Or do you REALLY have a coffin in your house, LOL?!


I think the staircase is very beautiful and suits well with the appartment. It's a pity that you are going to replace it. But you have got a very nice flat!


Thank you nanuska for the compliment on our flat, we do love it and it has certainly been a labour of love ripping it apart and putting it back together again!
When we first saw the spiral staircase going up the the second floor it was the icing on the cake in deciding to buy it but it is very dated and fussy and it isn't actually that well made.
It will eventually be replaced with another spiral staircase, I like the wooden steps but they have seen better days.
The metal work in the loft is also too high and because the design is so fussy it really cuts the room in half.
I still haven't decided which colour flooring to have!!


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