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Christmas fever....

Our tree is up.....and it has no tinsel!! David likes tinsel and I hate it, it's an abomination!! A friend of mine took me to three different local farms to find the "one" !! It has to be a real one because I love the smell, I will never have an artificial one, they just aren't the same. I can't believe it's Christmas in less than a weeks time!! I love this final run up to the big day, David and I get as excited as when we were kids!!

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Dee Beale

Beautiful tree.


Very poor photography. All underexposed and showing no shadow detail. The wide shot of the tree is pointless. I really would have thought that someone who uses Photoshop for a living would be able to better.


Oh and there was me thinking I was just taking a few quick pics for my blog!!
In the future I shall make sure that any pics I take will be taken as though they are for a photography competition.....LOL!

Happy new year to you!


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