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New year, new loft....

Well hopefully!!! David bought me the much coveted and lusted after Stendig calendar for Christmas and even though the loft isn't finished I just had to put it on the wall! We also went to IKEA last week and I bought an Aspvik cabinet which is a very good price, it's currently supported by my piles of Livingetc and ELLE Decoration magazines! I have chosen which colour flooring to have at long last ( the dark grey by the way ) and will be ordering it later today! Yay!

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joel+maria pirela

Lovely! I will need one of those! Can you get different door colors or maybe I can paint my own?
Your loft looks awesome!


Love it! I so nearly bought this cabinet and still might...

Yay for the grey :)


Thanks Joel!
The unit is only available in white in the UK but it would be easy to paint them which I would do before you put it together.
It takes a bit of time and patience to attach the doors!

You should buy one Biba, they are very good for the price, it has very nice metal handles which are the height of the doors.


Wow, even in it's unfinished state, it's looking pretty good!

2009 is the official year of finishing unfinished projects, did you know that? Well that's what i keep telling myself anyway!!


Happy New Year Griffo!!

Peta xx


Love it griffo. Sorry if this is a very ignorant question but what are those yellow books with the large numbers on the spine?


It's not ignorant to ask Sev, they are the Phaidon Design Classics parts 1,2 and 3.
They are a great source of inspiration and information and there are lots of chairs included!!!


Isn't every year the year of finishing unfinished projects Peta!???
Well it is in this flat! LOL!


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