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Problems in the bedroom...

I'm not sure what to do with the wall behind the bed!?? I think I want to paint it a colour but I'm really not sure??
The orange cushions will be going because I am having some rectangular cushions made using some original 70's material that I bought on Evilbay (hint hint Likklesis!!!). I have a few colours in mind like grey, sage green, yellow ochre or black.....or just leave it white! Me...indecisive!??! That's what being a Libran does for you!  I'm very pleased with our new Componibili units though.

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Units look fantastic!! I love them. I think a yellow ochre/mimosa colour would look lovely, or what about using wallpaper?

Love the title of this post BTW!


Personally I love the white and even better when you get your cushions! If you go colour i agree a yellow ochre would look great, nothing too strong to compete with the floor :) soooo jealous of your componibili units!!!

p.s. NEED help with my blog prob please please (it's not ok....) xx


Can you show us the fabric?
A colour would look good, but not too dark as with the dark tiles it could be too much, depends how bright you like your bedroom and what the other walls are painted.

The units are lovely and my first thought was I want some, but there is no space for the 7 books I usually have on the go.LOL


Jenn Ski

You've been tagged!


I will post a pic of the fabric.
My sister is making them anyway and if I don't use them in this room then they will go in the spare room.

I have thought about having the "Net and Ball" wallpaper on one wall but that doesn't go with the 70's fabric.


Net and Ball in here and fabric in the spare bedroom!!! I need to know someone with the net and ball paper!!
Griffo, your bedroom is looking luscious! I thought it was one of your Dream Spaces for a minute - LOL!(Or maybe it is?!!!!! lolololol!)


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