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Gorgeous green?...

I'm not sure why but I have a real thing for rich greens at the moment!?? I've never been a great lover, infact I was more of a great hater! I remember when David and I first got together that his hallway was painted the exact same green as in the kitchen pic above and I loathed it with a vengance, it wasn't long before I painted over the whole lot with took about 5 coats of good paint to cover it!! Anyway I keep eyeing up the wall where the hob is in our kitchen thinking it would look great with the new white handle-less look of the units when they are done. Will I...won't I?? will just have to wait and see but knowing me I will wait until David is away for the night and just do it!!!
Pics via Flickr , Primed for Design and Flickr

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love that green wall - looks like forest lake.



I've always been a lover of green :-)
This post is wonderful. The first picture is stunning!


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