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My lovely lovely friend Wiz has bought a gorgeous desk and I now have desk envy! She asked my opinion on three in total and this one was my choice (one of the other ones looked like a strange mid century piano!! LOL!). If you look closely it has a rather nice hidden drawer in the front. I also have Conran lamp envy......Jason chair envy......sigh......oh and the small pot is also gorgeous! The bird print is a very cleverly framed tea towel by Skinny Laminx. Damn that woman and her fantastic taste!! LOL!

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OMG!!! I've been blogged on another amazing site!!!
And thankYOU, Mr G, for lending me your fabulous opinion AGAIN!!! (Shame I didn't listen to you on the curtains!!!! LOL!)

Raina Cox

I can't stop thinking about a pair of these as bedside tables. Like a pair would pop up together anywhere. Oh well, a blogger can dream.

Great buy, Wiz!


Fantastic stuff! Love it all. Made me consider framing my Skinny teatowel too.. And I've been trying to get my hands on one of those Egersund lidded pots for some time.


ahhh!!! this all looks so good together. very cool.


Can you or Wiz come help me with my house? SF, CA

Designers' Brew

oh this is beautiful. I have major envy too!


Yay Wiz! I want that little pot, love the new desk - all looks fab :)


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