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Happy printer day...

I have invested in a new Epson A1 printer and it arrives later today....I can't wait! Super duperlicious size prints and possibly digital wallpaper coming up!

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Wowza! That looks like the Cadillac of printers.

Wait - Cadillac may be going the way of the dinosaurs, so I'll have to revise that.

Cannot wait to see what you make!


It's here!!!!!!

AND it's a big 'un Raina!
It's huge!
I better finish painting my loft and get the flooring down asap!!!


Conversation Pieces

Ooh digital wallpaper... Like the sound of that!


My goodness, that must be a giant! We have a brand new Epson A3+ and that already leaves me almost no space on our computer desk. :c) Although I bet you're thrilled!


Thankfully Anna it is on a stand!
I am thrilled with it although I haven't actually used it yet because I am waiting for thr rolls of printing paper and decorating my studio!
I will post pics of the results when I start using it, the quality is apparently superb.
I also have an Epson A3+ R1800 which is a fantastic printer.


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