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Between a rocker and a hard place...

My new chair has arrived!! WOO HOO!! It's so beautiful and is in very good condition considering it is 32 years old, JAN 12 1977 is stamped on the underside. Now the question is do I leave it on the swivel base or attach a rocker base!??? My intention was to use it as my main chair at my desk but now I have seen it for real I'm not sure if I want to use it everyday.....ludicrous I know! Chairs aren't just for using, they are also for staring at! I do like the softness of the shell against the industrialness of the base though. Being a Libran decisions don't come easy you know!

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I hear you! It's such a fab chair, either way, but I think it looks absolutely best with the rocker base. And as with so many vintage designer office chairs, I suspect this one's not too great to sit in for hours every day by a desk either.


Love the rocker base. What an amazing chair!


Good Lord, that's a handsome chair! I'm partial to the rocker base myself.


rocker! no contest afaiac!


I'm going to play devil's advocate and say to keep the original castors. It's a chair for your desk, no? Surely the chair has more value if it's in its original incarnation? Besides, you can buy the rocker version on sale right now from


swivel all the way. much more useful and I even like the way it looks better. well, it looks great both ways, but I'm votin' swivel.


Sorry i vote rocker! Rocker rocker rocker. I prefer the look and you already have one with a swivel! On the other hand, if you keep the swivel then you have the perfect excuse to buy ANOTHER one with a rocker..... :)



I'd go for the rocker, too.

Check out this:
They've upgraded a McDonald's in Finland with Eames's chairs.


if your not going to use the chair as an every day desk chair i would so go for the rocker...

thanks for following my blog...

your blog is new to me and i will definitely be back...

david john

nice chair!!!! are librans difficult?


Ouch Griffo! You're making me green with envy here... I would absolutely choose the rocker base. If I had one...

Slices of Beauty...

Such beauty!

Lovely blog too.

Eden Rose

Oooh a fellow Libran, myself and the other half are both libran so you can imagine what it's like making descisions in my house! I vote original swivel, but i love rockers but then the swivel keeps drawing my eye but then rockers are beautiful, oh hell i don't know!


Thanks for the compliments guys!
I haven't posted much in the last week.....and no I haven't spent all my time staring at my chair!

david john.....Librans are notoriously indecisive!!
So much so that I annoy myself all the time!
Eden Rose....How the hell do you cope!

The chair is staying on the swivel base .......for the time being!
I may just have to swap them over every so often....


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