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We are on the lookout for a new corner sofa. we have had our current sofas for nearly 6 years and although "my" sofa still looks good as new, David's is looking a little tired to say the least! Anyway I have looked into having them re-upholstered but it will cost about £2000 and "loose" covers will be about £1000!!!!! So now we have decided to buy a new corner unit which is what I've wanted for ages and one would fit in our lounge so well. Firstly the fabric has to be charcoal grey and second we both have to agree on it.....we could be here for quite some time!! The top sofa is the "Charles" by B&B Italia which is just beyond words, it's perfect BUT we went to view one about eighteen months ago in london and David said it was the most uncomfortable thing he had ever had the misfortune of sitting on! There is also the small matter of the £8000 plus price tag! The second one down is the "Dadone" which again is made by B&B Italia...very nice. The third beauty was designed by Terrence Woodgate and is absolutely gorgeous and apparently very comfortable ( again very expensive!). Now to the fourth and fifth specimens, I came across the "Jasper" and "Woodgate" yesterday by a company called "Love your home for less" based in london and I'm liking what I see, both are available in charcoal grey (YAY!!), both are very reasonably priced , available in lots of different configurations AND David likes them also!!! We are off to London next week for a couple of days so hopefully we will be able to see them in the flesh ( or fabric). Could one of these two beauties be "the one"???......

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I'm dying for one of these leggy beauties. If anyone knows the most comfortable well-priced version Stateside, hook a sista up!

Have a great getaway, you two.


I'm cringing at the prices there... I would so never want to sit on them if I spent that kind of money (I'd be like my other half's folks and keep them shrink-wrapped to protect them!!)


I've been thinking of reupholstering my couch in white like that first photo. But if it costs that much, maybe I should scrap that idea and get a new one. Gotta go think of a delicate way to break that news to the hubs . . .

Stephanie Kim

the first photo is marvelous! i would LOVE a couch like that

Plush Palate

Love the "Charles"!!! I'm OBSESSED with white couches!!! So clean, so crisp, so chic! Can't get any better than that. Thanks for sharing these awesome finds!


Omg the 1st sofa is to die for.. so perfect and worth every penny in my eyes!


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