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I've bought an angle grinder! Why would I buy such a dangerous big boys toy you may ask!? Well I finally decided to get rid of the metalwork in the loft! I have never liked it since first seeing it when viewing the flat and it was only a matter of time until I bit the bullet and attacked it. It was far too high and imposing and now the space looks so much bigger. It had to go anyway to make my life easier for putting the new flooring down, unfortunately I've realised that the the whole floor has to be covered with hardboard first. I will probably at some point be putting something back because of safety issues, I don't want to fly off the edge while sat in one of my Eames swivel chairs!!! I have considered glass or very minimal metalwork to match downstairs and eventually the spiral staircase will be replaced with another one but that will have to wait what with a new sofa coming soon...

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Oh my God, what a great space!! I can already envision how fabulous it's all going to be. Good move on getting rid of the metal. I would have done the same. And you're doing the work yourself? I'm totally impressed. [I started my comment with something inappropriate about the big toy but I thought, we haven't know each other long enough for that. Give me a couple of weeks though.] ;)


You are a far braver man than me. My tools aren't anywhere close to being that big. ;)


Very impressed! It looks so much better without the railings. I suppose you would only need one tumble to know not to do it again :)


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