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Hi my name is Griffo and I'm a chair addict...

...Ooh that feels better! Yep I have another little beauty on it's way to me (teaser pic above)! Where will it all end? Well an apartment full of chairs with plenty of places to sit.....that's assuming that I actually let anyone use them of course. Why some people assume that they can plonk their arse on one of my chairs is beyond me!!! David was complaining when I said that I wanted another one but I reminded him of his total and utter addiction to gadgets and the fact that as soon as we got to our hotel in NYC he wanted to go and track down somewhere (namely Virgin in Times Square which had closed down but he didn't know , oh the look on his face, or Bestbuy) to pre-order a Zune. Of course he already has an i-Pod Touch and didn't need one but it doesn't stop him obsessing! Oh did I mention that we were outside the Bestbuy store at 9am queueing to pick up the said Zune and he made his way through that store like a lunatic! Hmmmmm......who has the bigger addiction problem?...

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Raina Cox

"Hello Griffo!"

Isn't that the standard reply at such meetings?

I have the same problem with little side tables.

P.S. Our husbands would get along famously.

joel+maria pirela

welcome to my world. you are not alone and we love you the way you are. you are awesome.! LOL!

Designers' Brew

I have this problem with shoes, my friend.


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