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...Happy new year (plus six days) to you all! Well I am on a mission, hopefully not a mission impossible, to finish our flat once and for all! When I say finish I mean complete the unfinished jobs as opposed to getting bored with something and changing it just because I can. We have been living in our flat for nine years this coming July and although we have completely ripped it apart and changed things as we have gone along there are things which are now really winding me (and David) up. I've done the majority of the work apart from plastering walls and ceilings which is something I just cannot do and to be perfectly honest I haven't got the patience to even contemplate. I will be posting before pics in the next few days to give you an idea of how incredibly hideous this place's a real shocker and there were even walls of wallpaper imbedded with glitter! Just think of an 80's Dynasty porno palace. I will also be drawing up my 2010 list of things to be done starting with my loft/studio floor which I bought the hardboard for this past Monday morning so that's one thing I can cross off already!

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GL on finishing your projects this year! I had a great opportunity to get a lot done after Christmas and I've only got 2-3 left (out of like 12).


Hi Dane, thanks and welcome to my obsessive world!

Raina Cox

Ooo, ooo, ooo! I cannot wait! I love B&As.

Happy (belated) New Year to you too, Darling!


Yay! Go you!!! Hope this includes the 'coffin'!


The "coffin" is haunting me!!!
Yes it is on my list, it has got the better of me for far too long!


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