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It went bang!...

Our cooker hood that is. Yes it blew up on me one night when I was staggering to find the button to turn the lights on! After five months of trying to get our insurance company to cough up for a replacement it has finally arrived and very gorgeous it is too. So because the old one had to come down I decided to get rid of the stainless steel on the wall (it was always a hassle to clean it!) and the wall cupboards because they didn't have a lot of stuff in them anyway. When I pulled the stainless steel off it did take a few chunks of plaster with it...ooops! The whole lot needed painting again and I decided to replace the wall cupboards with IKEA lack shelves. It now looks even bigger than it did before! The cooker hood is obviously not up yet but I need help with that and lets just say I won't be asking David...

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