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I've been obsessing and lusting over the Nagel candle holders for a while now and at last I have some. I bought them from a very helpful seller on Evilbay who had just sold thirty five of them for £240! I had shown interest in them and the seller felt guilty that he had sold them all so he offered me some from his own collection, £90 for twelve including postage and packing so I bit his hand off! They really are beautiful and much more delicate in real life, they are a bit like glamorous Meccano! They have grown on David a bit although he thinks that they are dated and ugly. I have my eyes peeled for more because the great thing is is that you can just keep adding to them and change the configuration. I recently posted a pic of a larger collection.

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Raina Cox

Grown-up Lego!

They're beautiful, Griffo.


Darn, but you're a good photographer dear.


My parents had these in the late 60's and I still love them. NC


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