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Woo hoo or boo hoo...

...Hmmmm I'm undecided about what I've done to the hallway!??? I've carried the grey paint around the corner from the lounge and I'm not sure if it's going to be too dark or if I like it. If I decide to stay with it then I will also paint the doors, skirting, door frames, radiator, shelf and the side of the stairs where the metalwork is attached in the same grey.

David is yet to see it because he has been away to Glasgow for 24 hours so I'm not sure what his reaction is going to be! He should be used to it by now because I usually change something in the flat while he is away, I've affectionally named it "Secret DIY". Once it's done it's too late for him to disagree...

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Raina Cox

I love it, but you know I favor deep wall color.

Jeanne-Aelia Desparmet-Hart

What if you painted all the white trim just a tad lighter gray so it's not so stark but still in a very subtle way noticeable? Excuse my boldness; I do LOVE the deep gray! Bravo.

Laura @ EdenRose

Ooh it's wonderful! You're very brave and it's really paid off. A certain WooHoo! :)


Thanks for the woo hoos!

I don't mind you saying at all Jeanne. One thing I do like to do is paint the doors and skirting etc the same colour as the wall so it is less noticeable. I don't like to draw attention to it by painting it a different colour.

I will update with pics as soon as I've finished it....I'm sticking with the grey BTW!

My partner said it looked "regal", not exactly the look I'm going for! He also said after three hours when I noticed that he was looking at the hallway and the lounge wall that he thought he had seen the colour before and had noticed that it was the same as the colour in the lounge!!!


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