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Stairway to heavenly lighting...

I will be painting our stairwell soon because it hasn't been painted in a while and is in dire need of a lick of white, it's very high so I need to borrow some ladders. Anyway, I have always had a problem with what lighting or shade to have there and I have lusted after the Moooi Random Light above for ages but at the uber-spenny (expensive) prices starting at £418 for the 50cm diameter up to around £1,300 for the 110cm I think I will be looking for a while longer!!! I saw the black version for real in a shop in Cardiff recently and all I wanted to do was rip it down and run off down the road with it!

Also loving the David Trubridge Coral shade below which again is rather spenny at £341 for a 60cm diameter! Although it does come in kit form which fills me with dread after putting the Norm 69 together which was the most frustrating afternoon of my life! Who said I had expensive taste!??

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Raina Cox

You and your balls.

Nick UK

I love that coral shade, just think of the shadows on all the hallway walls, yummy.


You know me....I love my balls!

Nick....I do love the effect the Coral gives.
I did consider a larger Norm 69 but they do get hideously dusty and flies seem to like pooing on mine!


wow. so pretty. i love your blog.

Nick UK

You're a changed man/blog!


Hi Jonlord...Thank you for thinking of me and posting the link to the shade ;) I had already come across it so fingers crossed! Will keep you posted.

Thanks for your kind words Ashlina.

Nick UK...yes I decided it was time for a few changes, it's getting there slowly...

The Zhush

Just had to come over and check out your blog....b/c....THIS is what I wanted to name MY blog! Crazy right? Cool site btw!


And now you have one all of your own - a fairytale ending.


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