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Sparks flew...

...I've been busy with my angle grinder and I've attacked the spiral staircase to the loft!

I've been waiting for a local metal company to give me a quote for the last six weeks for a new spiral staircase and still nothing. What's wrong with these companies, I would have thought they would be falling over themselves for new business in the current financial climate!? I think what I wanted was far too minimal for him and he was most disappointed when he suggested having hearts cut into the metalwork and I said no thanks! So I have unscrewed and cut away the vile uprights and handrail which has made a huge improvement. The before pic below on the left was taken nine years ago when we moved in...

I did start painting the wooden steps a while ago but I'm not sure what to do with them at the moment? I had thought of stripping them back and re-varnishing but as you can see each step has a hole in them where the metalwork was attached...

I may fill the holes in the wood and carry on painting them or remove them altogether and get metal ones made and attach them. Now do I paint it the same grey or black or white or...

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Oh My! Note to self: Do not leave Mark alone in the flat.


Elizabeth @rosalilium

I am certainly no expert in these things but I think maybe paint black like floor?

Nick UK

WOW what a change for the better, do they wiggle when you walk up them?

Raina Cox

Good night! That "before" picture just shook me to my core.


David...You know you love the element of OMFG what is Mark going to do next!

Elizabeth...I see what you mean but they have always been black (apart from the bits where I tried out some grey paint) and to be honest I don't like the black tiled floor anymore....worst choice we ever made!

Nick...there's not to much wiggle!

Raina...I know you are lusting after that lampshade and the high gloss varnish!


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