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What better way to start a Summer weekend than with a giveaway! YAY!

Obsessilicious has teamed up with the lovely Rosie and Chris of the fabulous Illustrated Living who have very kindly offered a £30 "cyber gift voucher" (as I like to call it) to the lucky winner!

Yes, £30 to spend on something (or a few things) from their fantastic range of gorgeousness. From Pantone mugs to Ferm Living cushions to Orla Kiely bedlinen to a retro trim phone....too many delicious things to mention and drool over.

So if you fancy a punt, please leave a comment and the winner will be chosen at random and announced on Friday 27th August 2010. The closing date will be Thursday 26th August.
Could you please state your name or email address to avoid any confusion.

This give away is open to the UK only.

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend!

Comments for this entry


OMG Let it be me!!!!!!!!!
I have just seen the French Bull stock and I need this in my life.........beautiful!!!
Likklesis xx

Miss Mapp

No, let it be me! I need a decent 40th birthday pressie!


fantabulous site, love everything they do and their customer service is brill so i want it please xxx


Mmmm yes, please!
Tamsin x

Nick UK

I love you all but I hope its me!!!
Nick Cee


Please, Please, Please let it be Meeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am in desparate need of something nice to happen to me !!!!! And I couldn't think of anywhere nicer to pick from ....
saranextdoor xxx


Oooh, something that has not been bought from a charity shop - let it be me!!! Please!



How generous! I do need more Orla Kiely in my life ... :-)

Stephano Vallera

Comment Comment Comment!

I'm moving (from a rather horrid place) to a new (rather wonderful) place, and this would be awesome!

Love the blog and can't stop drooling over it at work!

Keep on rockin' !

Elizabeth @rosalilium

Heehee...I love the pleading...I'm sure we are all very deserving. Good luck everyone!

My email is

*Fingers crossed*



Oooh yes please! I would love to win this giveaway!

I have three lovely Angie Lewin cards from IL framed in my bedroom and they look fantastic. However, I now have a wishlist longer than my arm of other things that are absolutely essential, and a voucher would really help me out :-)

KitzieG xxx


ooo yes! I don't know what I'd choose - so many beautiful things! Please be me!
Hannah x


I NEED illustration in my life...really.
Gemma xx

I will name the baby after you as a bribe if you like, just pop the vouchers in the e-post and tell me what name to give it... I can think of many appropriate options ;-)



match made in heaven. Count me in.


oh hope im not too late, love illustrated living


Oh pick me! pick me! I never win anything!

siane (from BitchingEtc)


The vouchers need to go to the quiet one sitting in the corner (that's me!).



This illustrates the type of living I aspire to.
If only someone would give me the voucher to get started...



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