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Friday feast...

Yes it's Friday and it's a Feast! My apologies for the lack of blogging over the last few weeks but I have been incredibly busy! My Mad Men print was featured on the Swedish ELLE website and it went crazy ass good with orders!

Lot's of exciting things coming up and there is a fantastic giveaway on the horizon so keep em peeled!

Have a great weekend all.

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Worth the wait!


1st & 5th image I am loving - the yellow chair with the white brick fire place & the light/freshness of pic 5.....think i might pick some huge leaves & pop in a vase today. dayle


Why thank you.

The wooden wall in the second pic is to die for. I have thought of having similar on the wall behind our TV. Loving the space in the third pic and I NEED the Finn Juhl Cheiftain chair in the last pic!


Welcome to my obsessive little world Dayle.

Raina Cox

Congrats you! Those Swedes are as smart as they are blond.

Happy Weekend, m'luv!


Thank you lovely Lady.
Those orders, they've been a rolling in from Swden, Denmark, Norway, France, Canada, USA....all over the shop. Not that I'm complaining of course.

I've been so jealous of you being in New York....without me!


I'll die a happy woman if I someday own some Platner pieces. Love the stools!

Design Junkie

There's so much for me to love in space #4!


I hear you Dana. I think I'll die a happy man since getting my dirty lustful hands on the Saarinen side table and oval ding tables recently although there is always something more to lust after...

Loving the lighting in room 4 Design Junkie. I don't think the room would be very practical though, that much white and my OH would not be a good mix.

Welcome to you both.


Congrats on your success Griffo. You've got some stunning things in your shop and you truly deserve to do well. If my walls weren't already full (and with a queue of stuff that I can't afford to frame at the mo) then I would be straight in there. Might still have to make room for that Polaroid poster.

Anyway, I'm with Chairsmith - this was worth the wait. I love that 5th (5th?) one with the cheese plant on the table and the framed prints in the background. Gorgeous!


You have the best interior pics. Always.

Well done on your Mad Men poster in Elle Interiƶr!


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