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Step back into Spring and Summer...

...It may not have escaped your attention that there is a retro, mid century vibe going on with designers and High Street stores plundering the 50's, 60's and 70's for inspiration. Colours are fresh and fun with graphic shapes and more than a dash of nostalgia. Perfect for the (hopefully!) warmer weather around the corner...

1. Jonathan Adler's Mrs Godfrey Chair from $1,495.

2. Harlequin Claudia table lamp from good old John Lewis.

3. Rie planters from Habitat. Priced from £35 for the small citrus, £45 for the medium chive and £55 for the large turquoise. Available from May. I need some for my balcony.

4. Claude walnut gossip bench set $1, 890. Yep, I can just see me sat on there on the phone for hours having a good old gossip.

5. Talking of being on the phone,you can get this Trimphone by I Love Retro on Brighton Pod (great site BTW!). Available in green, white, red, turquoise, purple and orange. Priced at £36.95. Glamorous bargain!

6. The Acapulco chair is a re-issue of the 50's classic and takes it name from the Pacific resort. The frame is solid steel with a plastic cord seat. Available in black, yellow, blue and petrol blue. Handmade in Mexico and costs £295. I would love a couple for my balcony but it's far too small.

7. The Lyon tables from M&S. These two colour variations will be available soon. From £49.

8. Loving this Molecule building set from Ferm Living and priced at 54 Euros...I need one!

Happy weekend everyone and happy shopping.

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i love that gossip bench.


Me too but i would never be off it!

Alex Fulton Design

A zillion thank-yous. Eye candy. All yum.


I have desperately wanted those Acapulco chairs for my decking but they are too spenny, I've been checking on the Habitat website for those planters to become available for the past month, and I've been looking on ebay for a molecule set on and off for ages. Great spring/summer wish list. As ever, you have impeccable taste.

Jenn Ski

ooo I love that phone!

Rex Kelly

Jenn said it first, but I love the phone too. The acapulco chairs are awesome too! Great finds.


Love those cheapy tables from M&S. Hmm. Wonder if I can fit any in anywhere...


Too funny, was staring at the Mrs Godrey Chair when looking for Claude over at Jonathan Adler - spooky!


Glad you all like my finds.

it seems I've compiled your perfect wish list Juliab! I have been looking for the planters on the Habitat website since i saw them in a mag. I couldn't find any images so I contacted habitat to see if they had any and they very kindly sent me some.

Ahhh...the Trimphone. I loved it so much when i was a kid in the 70's. My mother's very glamorous friend Antonio had one and I remember thinking that I must have one when I'm grown up. Hres was a smokey greyish lilac base with a purple handset! She also had the most fantastic huge curved white leather corner unit. She was the epitome of 70's camp glamour!


I love the Eames-style molecule set - it needs to be mine!

Alejandro Gomez

I love that Trimphone!! nice retro style!!



I'm still waiting impatiently for those planters...

Btw, there's an award for you on my blog. If you're into that kind of thing ;)

Jen of MadeByGirl

wow i love number 3!!! and the gossip bench. amazing!


I second everyone's reaction to the gossip's AWESOME!


design elements

wow for the gossip bench!


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