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Sugar and spice...

...and all things at a bargain price. I've been on the hunt for deliciousness and it's proven to be quite fruitful lately.

Firstly I've wanted an Eames House Bird for so long so I treated myself from the ever helpful Momentum in Cardiff with a cheeky little discount.

We were away last weekend for a friends birthday, the Wi-Fi in the hotel wasn't brilliant but I managed to get my hands on the rather gorgeous eight inch Cathrineholm bowl for £21 on Ebay! It's in superb condition too. David isn't keen on it though and said it would look right at home in a Romany gypsy caravan!

I've had a thing for drawers recently (the wooden storage kind!) and I came across the Fineline drawers designed by John & Sylvia Reid for Stag in the 60's. I'm thinking either for the spare room or maybe in my loft/studio. Oh yes, the price....£51! Ebay.

Last but not least the Hornsea Alpine range vinegar pot, the inside of the top and the triangle pattern is a very nice dark charcoal grey and it cost me £7.67. Ebay.

Happy bargain hunting and have a great weekend everyone.

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Raina Cox

You have the eBay touch, my friend.

Happy weekend, you two!


I have never seen anything remotely as nice as these wins on ebay ever .. I agree with Raina .. you have the ebay touch!!!

Have a great weekend (-:

Elizabeth @rosalilium

excellent ebay finds, congrats. I am totally jealous ;-)


i love scoring something fabulous for a little price! esp if it has been pre-loved too...dayle

Design Junkie

All of them, indeed, bright and beautiful! And thrifty to boot.


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