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Friday Feast...

The nights are drawing in and Autumn is finally here after our mini boiling hot Summer last week. I sometimes long for a real fire even though I've never actually had one. Bizarre.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Gorgeousness via If The Lampshade Fits, Dwell

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The first one - with the fire drawing my eye right into the picture - is the one I most want to snuggle into.

I don't think it's bizarre to want and open fire when you've never had one. I think it's human nature.


The first pic is my favourite too! Gorgeous!

I love the idea of a real fire but I don't think I could stand the mess and cleaning it out! We can't have one in our flat anyway.

Raina Cox

A few weeks ago, I got to interview the designer of the space in the top photo. He had no idea that project was the design blogosphere's touchstone for glam-louche decor.

Happy weekend, Darling!


Helloooo Ms Raina! I was looking for the pic a while ago and then BAM there it was on your blog so just had to pinch it. It's delicious beyond.

Hope you are well. Have a great weekend too.x


I want to be curled up in that rocking chair watching the fire in the first pic.


Love everything about the 2nd image. The texture on the walls, the colors in the rugs and the purple velvet(!) on the chairs.


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