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Obsessively thrifty...

Evilbay will be the death of me but not quite yet.

My friend Helen came across a bureau a few weeks ago, she instantly fell in love with it and so did I. We both drooled over it for the best part of a week, discussing it's beauty and the fact that other people would probably dare to bid and it would end up going for a small fortune. The day came when it was to end and not just the listing but Helen's dream of owning it. She had put in her highest amount but couldn't bare to watch the Evilbay clock counting I did. She managed to get it for £165 and we were both stunned! We thought it would go for much more than that. I was really pleased for her but gutted for myself because I loved it so much that I was obsessing about having one too.

Two weeks later Helen mailed me with a link, a link to another bureau! I couldn't believe that another had been listed. Surely it was destined to be mine. I bid on it and it was at £9 for nearly a week and then the day before it was due to end someone outbid me and I was furious! The next day I was poised and ready to beat off the competition, it just had to be mine or I would spend the rest of my days searching for another one.

I obviously won because there it is in the pic above but how much did i pay for it i hear you all asking!?...£37.70! I couldn't believe it and neither could Helen after paying quite a bit more for hers.

I think she may have forgiven me until i dropped it into the conversation that I had also managed to get my hands on a 1970's Arkana Tulip side table ( also in the above pic ) for 88 quid...

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this is the worst time of year for sellers and best for buyers. everyone is buying gifts and not vintage.

I always go on big buying jags this time of year!

Congrats - really nice pieces.


Wow, what a bargain - it's gorgeous! Any tips for ebay searching? I'm after a desk...


LOVE the side table especially! What is the top made from? Is it melamine? Would love one of these myself!

Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces}

Gorgeous! And what bargain at £37.70!! (And poor Helen for paying so much more.) Ha ha to the table too... good thrifting skills!


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