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The Saucer has landed...

It's here at last! My George Nelson Saucer pendant has made its way to me all the way from America Land. It arrived today and in one piece thankfully.

It really is incredibly beautiful and so light. I can't wait to get it fitted above the Tulip dining table! So enjoy the tease pic above and there will be more as soon as its up in all it's glory....

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Congrats! I have a saucer lamp as well and I never get tired of staring at it. Also, is your picture from Instagram?


Thank you. I just keep staring at it too.

Although it took a while I saved quite a bit money buying it from America and having it shipped over. Definitely worth the wait.

Yes the pic was taken through Instagram. I'm now following you.

Zoƫ {Conversation Pieces}

You lucky thing! Bet it'll look ace once up :)


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