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Friday Feast...

Hope you have all had a fantastic Christmas. We had the whole family in our flat and David and I cooked together, it was mayhem but it was a great day.

I can't believe that it's New Years Eve tomorrow! Where has 2011 gone!? What are you up to? We are sharing it with good friends and will be having a drink...or two...

I'm really looking forward to 2012, it has a nice sound and feel to it for some reason.

Happy New Year!!! See you on the other side....

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Hello, hello, happy new year and all that! Gorgeous images .... first time we've seen a Panton chair and thought 'need'!

Becky - Pretty Dandy

LOVE the 4th & 5th pictures down - those light fittings, the chairs...

Almost too lovely to look at!



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