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Good (or bad) old Ikea...

We recently made a spontaneous last minute, mad dash to Ikea Land in Cardiff. It was also on a Friday afternoon, yes a friday afternoon and not our usual early Saturday morning sneak in and out job which we have been doing for years. David hates visiting Ikea with a passion and the shorter the visit the better for him. Our best record time is ten minutes. It can be done.

I was in desperate need for new tables for my office and after an extensive search of the interweb I decided to go for the Melltorp tables. White, minimal and a starting price of £19.99 for the 75 x 75 cm square version. I bought three, the 75cm square one and two 75 x 125 cm to form an L shape. £73.99 for three tables, bargain. 

I also wanted to have a look at the new Kvissle range of office accessories. White coated metal with cork accents, very nice they are too and at £11.99 for the four storage boxes above, they just had to make their way into my trolley. I also bought the magazine files.

Something else which happened to make it's way home with me was the Henny blanket (shown above on my new Robin Day sofa bed). I came across it quite a while ago but I didn't know where it was from. I assumed it was rather expensive and then one day whilst looking on the Ikea website, there it was! Love the pattern, it's feels very nice indeed and at 35 quid it will keep you warm and cosy and won't break the bank.

So, whether you love Ikea or hate it, one thing for sure is that they still come up with a few gems.

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I really like the Kvissle range. I bought the wall mounted magazine rack the other day.

Jenn Ski

haha, sounds like my husband. Every time I go in, it's on a Tuesday, and we're out in 20 mins.

Gerard McGuickin

Hey. Not an Ikea fan but pretty impressed by your finds. They look great mixed with the design pieces!

joel pirela

love the boxes and we have the same table.... living outside... it looks like new after 1 year of sun/rain/sun/rain.... that office looks awesome!

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I haven't been to an Ikea in years because the nearest ones are an hours drive away, we drive a teensy car and these days we're lucky enough to go to John Lewis instead.

They've just got permission to build one on the edge of Reading, so I foresee some out of hours trios to buy cheap candles and cute rugs that I don't really need. It's inevitable. Glad I don't live on that side of town, though.

I especially love your choice of throw.


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