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Wallpaper lust...

Currently we haven't got any wallpaper in the flat, it's something that I think I have shied away from because I don't want to make a monumental mistake. However I am considering maybe doing one wall either in our main bedroom or the spare one and I love the Net and Ball wallpaper by Absolute Zero Degrees. It was originally designed in 1951 for the Royal Festival Hall in London and it was the pattern used on the carpets throughout. It is only available from the Royal Festival Hall so a trip to fantabulous old London may be in order....

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Griffo get it as it would look great in your bedroom, I have to say thet it would drive me mental as I cant stop my eyes following the pattern.


Having to commute home from waterloo everyday i often stop off at 'Skylon' bar in the Royal Festival Hall. Pay it a visit ensuring you enter via the entrance on the south bank and the stairwell is clad in a black version of this wallpaper. Looks awesome. Skylon is a lovely bar overlooking the thames too so a good excuse for drink. You'll see some lovely mid century furniture in the bar too.


Thanks for the info lordster, the black version sounds rather nice!! We are going to London for the day in a few weeks so we shall try and check out Skylon.



I love this wallpaper and am now wondering if there's a suitable wall for it in my flat!

Not sure it'll work with that 70s fabric you bought for the cushions, but no doubt you'll prove me wrong.


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