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K Day...

It's here!!!!!!!! Yes finally the day has arrived and the new kitchen is in my hands!!! I'm so excited that I feel quite nauseous! As you can see there are boxes everywhere and I have included a shot of the drawer fronts in all their glory. I'm very impressed with the look and quality of it and I cannot wait to get it all done now. I will keep you all posted with pics along the way and now I'm off to start pulling things apart!!! WOO HOO!!!

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I'm not happy....there is a door missing!!! AAARRRgggggggghhhhhh!!!!!


The kitchen is looking good, so far ;)! I know that feeling, there was no door missing from our shipment but one door didn´t have the holes for the hinges so they had to send it back to be drilled! Hang in there, I´m sure it´ll come quickly! :)

joel+maria pirela

Please keep us posted!
We have the same lamp!!!!!!!


it's going to look so awesome when it is all done!


Hm, do you think you have boxes everywhere? Take a look at kitchen pics in my blog - you'll notice your nice and pretty home actually looks decently tidy. ;c)


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