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Why do the things we expect to go smoothly never do?? Well i have made a start and it is going well so far apart from some damaged doors in transit, I have had to sort out some different legs (thanks to a very kind friend on the Livingetc forum who found some spare ones which will fit in her garage and she has posted them to me today!!!) because the plinths wont fit properly. I like the metal leg look but it's time for a change. I phoned the helpline today after being told by the store that I would have to wait six weeks for the replacement doors and he said I will have them next Wednesday!!! Very good service! I'm also missing twelve plastic plugs for the wall cupboard doors! They have changed the way the door is attached to the spring hinges and they didn't include any but they are posting some to me. Then there was David who "helped" me to attach a side panel to the sink unit today and decided to move the spoon which was keeping it level (it was the only thing I could find which raised it just enough!! LOL).....strange really because he never usually decides to pick up something and put it away for me!!??? More pics as it progresses....

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As there is normally a lot of mess and rubbish lying around on the floor, other than when you are taking pictures for your blog, I thought that this time tidying up would be helpful as I knew you were going to be taking some photos.



Yeah yeah yeah!!

this could turn into a cyber domestic!!


No, just trying to get some sympathy from the cyberworld for poor david.


The kitchen is looking good so far! :)


Love love love the cabinets! It's going to be gorgeous.


Looking good, at least in the picture. :c) What is the name of the manufacturer?

Designers' Brew

it looks frickin awesome! I LOVE that floor.


Hi Anna, the kitchen is from a UK store called Homebase which is a DIY chain. The quality is very good and I'm very impressed with it!

There will be more pics at last later today!!


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