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Moon mood madness...

It's that time of the month again, the time of the month when I feel ever so slightly insane! The pull of the full moon is strong and it gets me every time, there is no use trying to ignore it's power in the week leading up to it! I become impatient, argumentative and I could quite easily run out into the middle of the road and scream my head off! I'm off to find some lipstick to smear all over my face like Diane Ladd in the David Lynch film "Wild at Heart".....see you on the other side.....

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Save some lipstick for me! ;)


Hahahahaha! And I thought it was just me...

Charmz All Over

No wonder you are Queen Bitch!!! PMS eh, welcome to our world BITCH


LOL! I was going to refer to that Lady time of month and that my moon madness was a sort of male equivalent but I though I'd better not!!!


Ah ha ha ha ha! I wondered where you were going with that opening sentence. I would award you some honorary ovaries, but no one deserves that.


i hear ya! i'm on the warpath and i cannot even blame the time of the month. at least you have an excuse!


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