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One year ago today...

...obsessilicious was born! I can't believe it....where has the time gone!? I've really enjoyed it and I really hope that you have. Blogging is so weird because half of the time it feels like I'm talking to myself, almost like talking out loud and there is noone else in the room or putting pen to paper and then there it is for all the world to see. My obsessions still get the better of me and inside of my head it's like a non stop conveyor belt of gorgeousness....thank god someone invented the internet to feed my daily fix! Imagine a world without the intenet, how did we all cope!? Anyhoo, thank you to my followers and all the people who drop by......happy obsessing!!!

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Happy Birthday Obsessilicious!! It's like having a little brother ;)

Congratulations Mr G, i shall look forward to another year of obsessive behaviour! xxx


Happy blog birthday Griffo!! Rest assured, you aren't talking to yourself! xx


Without the internet, we spent a hell of a lot less money! And we didn't obsess so much. Happy Blog Birthday Griffo.


aw, congrats! that is a nice achievement you got there! and a very nice blog.


Happy Anniversary, my Darling! Soon you'll be out of diapers.


i boought my wallpaper on the strength of your blog, keep it up



Awww....Thanks for the kind words guys!

I do really appreciate all the comments and feedback that I have had over the last year even the few negative ones! LOL!

Which wallpaper did you buy Anonymous!?? Was it the "Net and Ball" one!?? I still haven't seen that in the flesh yet or decided where I will eventually use it!


Happy Birthday!!! And many more to come, too! It's been a fantastic year of sharing your obsessions and contributing to them, too...;)

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Congrats on your anniversary!


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