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We have had two anniversaries in the last two weeks, it's been nine years since my partner (we got married in a civil ceremony in 2007) David and I got together after knowing each other for three years. He bought me the Pantone cufflinks and keyring above and I was so pleased, he has learnt and listened well. He can now go out into the world and be confident that what he is buying me I will like! LOL! Having this blog helps him enormously though because It's like a big catalogue of everything I like so if your partner constantly gets it wrong or buys you useless crap then my advice would be to start a blog!
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'he has learnt and listened well' - classic! PMSL!


Please have your husband talk to my husband. Mine reads my blogs daily, but funny enough, nothing from my post lustings ever shows up wrapped in a ribbon.

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Haha, what Raina said.

I love the cufflinks. So rad.


Love it! I have a cup with my favorite Pantone color, but I have never seen these ones.


The training takes years Raina!!


happy anniversary and ditto, Raina. Love the cufflinks!


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