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Rock on...

I have wanted to design a print using an Eames rocker for a here it is! It will be available in different colour combinations and will be available very soon.

UPDATE...They are now available in my Etsy shop yumalum! :)

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JEM 'n Tonic

i like the illustration. It is simply and clean.


i feel like you made this especially for me! hah ahahah. love it. and i love rock. and i love eames.

sorry if i am sounding psycho.


You're so cool.

Designers' Brew

I love dorky design nerd inside jokes.

Word ver: borkl. Excuse you!


Very nice, love the colors.

Illustrated Living

Amazing! I'd purchase a green background for sure. :D


Thank you for all your positive comments!!!

They are now available! :)


This is fab! Now I want a RAR (again)... and have Michael Jackson going through my head...

Hi Griffo68,

Sorry, I could not find your email address anywhere on your site, that's why we contact you here. Anyway we love your blog and therefor we have listed you with a link on our directory We would be very glad to hear from you, about how you like it.

All the best and good luck with Obsessilicious,

Margriet van der Wiel


michael jackson non-creepy era meets eames = awesome. nice work!


Just fabulous!!! Are you getting on with my order, then?!!!! ;)

The green is perfect...

Dee Beale

This is just fab.


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