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Tulips in springtime...

....well it feels like springtime and I love these chairs so hence the title of this post! We have Series 7's around our dining table which I adore but I still lust after Eero Saarinen's tulip chairs, they just seem to have a timeless and elegant aura about them. Don't get me started on the oval dining table.....that is just table porn!!! One day I will have one......

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You're funny. I can't stop laughing.
I love your blog and the pictures you show! I also is a big fan of those chairs. I had a tiny one for my Cindy doll a very long time ago...


How funny - and interesting. That table belongs to the design classics I grew up with and could not for the world want to have in my own home. They don't really excite me at all, and it feels strange to see people swooning over them... Although if I really concentrate, I can see its beauty. :c)


Could you please let me know what nursery sells these tulip bulbs? I'd like to harvest a garden full of these next spring.


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