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I'm still absolutely loving this green!!! I've been staring at walls in our flat (something I do quite a lot!) wondering where I could use it? Well I may just use it on the wall behind my desk in my loft/studio which I have been painting white this past week. I have also been painting the spiral staircase (which is taking forever!) grey to match the vinyl flooring. Pics of the staircase coming soon...

Via Blueantstudio

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Green is my favorite color and that one is fantastic.


This colour is fabulous - I find this room overpowering though...perhaps not on every available surface?!
Had a peek at your floor tiles - LOVE them.


I agree that it is a bit overpowering on every surface!
I'm thinking of painting just one wall and the rest will be white.
The flooring is available in either a 1 metre or 2 metre roll.
It's the middle dark grey that I am having and the colour is beautiful.
It should all be finished in the next couple of weeks hopefully!

the seventy tree

I too love this shade of green.. my daughter wants it in her room...I think just on one wall though and stick to white elsewhere like yourself. I look forward to seeing the results and hope you've had a nice weekend.


that green is a m a z i n g!


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