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I have been painting the spiral staircase which leads up to the loft....OMG it takes forever and it will need 2 coats! Eventually it will be ripped out and replaced with another one but for now we will have to make do with a paint job ( I don't like it and it has seen better days, it actually isn't made that well). The grey paint matches the flooring I'm having very well.

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Looks soooo much better that colour!!Just hope your paint is hard wearing ;-)


That looks back-breaking. Make sure to take frequent liquor and chocolate breaks to regain your strength.


A spiral staircase was a childhood dream of mine :-) Great choice on flooring! I have the same in my kitchen and office, only black. Bit of a mistake... Every little bit of dust shows. Should have chosen grey. Other than that, I love it.

Elaine@House to Home

Good choice going for grey, that is what we used for our main stairs and it works brilliantly (even with very fluffy cats!).

How are the stairs from a practical level? We are thinking of having the loft coverted and a spiral seems like the best option for us, I just dont know anyone who has one ...


Raina, I can't wait till I can have a glass of wine up in the loft while admiring my last!
Good to know that the grey flooring and paint are a good choice. The flooring will be here by friday this week...eeeeek!

I always longed for a spiral staircase and when we walked up the first flight of stairs and saw it we were shocked to see it and the fact that the flat had a second floor!!!
It certainly had a bearing on buying the flat.

Elaine, the stairs are about 23 years old (installed when the flat was built) and they have seen better days. They are a bit dated and ideally we would replace them but it was new stairs or a new kitchen! LOL!
They are great because they take up very little room although I did fall down them last year carrying two full paint trays!!!
Not a good look by the time I had reached the bottom!

I have actually found old pics today of the flat when we viewed it and when we first moved in (I've been looking for them for ages), I will be posting them's shocking!


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