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LOVE and the city...

Well we are back from NYC but I have been a bit slack with my blogging so my apologies to one and all! I haven't been well since our return either with a possible case of swine flu, although I will never know if it was or not because my doctor told me not to go into the surgery but I am on the mend slowly.
Anyway as you can see I managed to get my hands on an Alexander Girard LOVE cushion from Urban Outfitters in NYC  which I am very pleased with, it goes perfectly on my grey Eames rocker.I also picked up a couple of other Girard cushions for our bed and other bed spreads and cushions for a couple of friends, my suitcase and bag was bursting with home accessories! I did find Urban Outfitters rather odd though, both of the shops that we went to were very badly arranged and the rather young staff who loved themselves far too much seemed rather disappointed that they had to actually do some work! It was if they were just there to chat and have a laugh with each other, they were like some kids from FAME who believed that one day fame would be knocking on their door, I was expecting them to break into song and start singing "High Fidelity"!!!

Anyway we had a fantastic time and we didn't want to leave and we will definitely be going back to the city we have totally fallen in love with. I have more pics to post, stories to tell about celeb spotting and our day hanging around a movie shoot....there is a clue in the title of this post.... 

Oh and also our new sofa has arrived which is absolutely gorgeous so there will be pics very soon...

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Why am I so happy you got that pillow?

Your spot-on description of the UO staff made me laugh.


My sister was in NYC a month ago and she said of all the cities she has been the staff in NY shops are by far the ruddest and most obnoxious of all. However, fabulous city and i am more then jealous and those cushions are to die for, the geometric ones are gorgeous as well. Glad you had a fab time x


I think it's because you secretly love me Raina and we are destined to live together in an uber gorgeous home sitting on to die for chairs drinking champagne and gossiping! I won't tell a soul!!

Designers' Brew

A Brit's take on Urban Outfitters... so true, and so funny.


Busted! You've found me out. ;)


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