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NO NO NO!!!! I'm so fucking annoyed! Look at what Paul Smith has done to the gorgeous Cylindra range designed by Arne Jacobsen! And he was officially asked by Stelton to do so for their 50th anniversary! It's like they have no idea of the subtlety and under played beauty of the design, the handles are black for a reason. They are not there to scream out at you "Look at me look at me, some designer has added colour and isn't it oh so clever" it's not! I'm sure Arne Jacobsen is turning in his grave right now. Why mess with it? Leave it alone! I'm off to smash my head against a brick wall...

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Raina Cox

At least it isn't striped.

Sorry, I know that gives you no comfort.

Bumpkin on a Swing

After research I'm fucking annoyed too!
You teach me things I never knew :)
I love that about you!

Nick Klaus

oh 'updating'... how it manages to make things worse is a constant source of frustration.


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