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The future is bright,the future is 3D...apparently...

...Inspector Gadget David has been at it again and decided that we need a new TV! So after the pile of crap Samsung that we had delivered last week (which is going back!) we have deiced that 3D TV is the way to go. It does show normal TV as well by the way, I wouldn't be wanting to wear those glasses all the time looking like a complete prat! It's going to be a bit of a monster at 55 inches but our lounge is big enough to get away with it thankfully. The optional Monolith stand in the second pic is to die for, it really is the most beautiful TV I have ever seen. The only problem is is that it's not released until June!

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Raina Cox

Please, please, please post a picture of yourself in those glasses once you have the swanky new TV!

Nick Klaus

ordinarily, I'm opposed to TV, but that stand is a sweet, sweet thing. I might just get the stand and a sheet of plexiglass.


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