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...I posted about a new Krenit obsession a few weeks ago and well I've bought four more to keep the red one company! I just couldn't help myself. At least they don't cost as much as my Eames chair addiction although they are rising in price lately.

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Now that is just greedy!!! ;-)
They are gorgeous. Love them.
xx AO


I'm sure you know this already, but just in case: Krenit bowls are back in production. Different colours, though; white, dark green and a dark blue. Can be viewed at

I love your collection. I have a large greenish yellow one, but I want more.


Griffo, have you considered that the price is creeping up because you've single-handedly managed to tip the delicate balance of supply and demand totally out of kilter?!

Beautiful!! xx

Raina Cox

Round and round and ridiculously gorgeous!


Moi...greedy! I prefer to think of it as aquiring gorgeousness and giving them a safe home.

Houseenvy....I definitely pushed the price of a larger chartreusey green one on Sunday, someone kept instantly bidding against me and it ended up going for £132!!!Oh well better luck next time...

Janne...Yes I did know that they were being re-issued. I'm not that keen on the green and blue ones though, the colours are very muted and dull. I may invest in the new melamine bowl and salad servers or white or black or white...or both! LOL!
If you ever want to part with your large greenish yellow one I know of a good home!

Raine...They really are stunning in real life, so tactile and totally yummylicious!

Nick Klaus

Classy! I really want to pick up a set of those now. Hope you enjoy some friendly bidding competition, haha.

I have to ask what the outside texture is like.


I can see why you love them so much but I think I'd prefer them to be white on the outside. Does anyone know if they ever made them in white (rather than black)?


Hi Nick and MoonDoggie,

The outside texture is smooth, they are made from steel plate from which the bowls were cold-pressed, then sprayed with coloured enamel powder and fired in a kiln. Then the black exterior was sand blasted so the matt finish contrasted with the glossy colour of the inside.

They were designed in 1953 by Herbert Krenchel in eight different sizes and eight standard colours. They were in production continuously until 1965.

To answer your question MoonDoggie, no they were never available with with a white exterior.


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