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Gorgeous things come to those who wait...

...after being out bid on two Moooi Random shades on Sunday by the same person on Evilbay I wasn't in the best of moods! My very lovely friend Helen had offered to pick said lighting gorgeousness up for me if I won so everything was in place and I was ready and waiting to rejoice at my latest long awaited purchase...I lost out by £10! Anyway another one was listed and it was the more expensive black version with a starting price of £99 so I contacted the seller and asked if he was prepared to do a buy it now. Later that day after my many obsessive re-freshes of the page it had been changed to a buy it now price of £ heart skipped a beat...David said it was rather expensive for a "fucking lampshade" and we didn't need one! I said "well we don't need an iPad but you are absolutely obsessed with getting one" and with that I bought it! It was bought by the seller last October and hasn't been used, Helen has been to pick it up for me as it was five minutes around the corner from her and she has said it's in perfect condition. It is £700+ to buy new and I got for less than half price so I am rather pleased to say the least. All I have to do now is to figure out the best way of getting an 80cm shade from London to South Wales...

Above is a white version looking rather splendid.

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Raina Cox

OOF! That's a glorious piece.

Tenacity paid off.

Bumpkin on a Swing

Love it, I have seen a similar version at West Elm. Love the sapphire decor on the bottom.


Congratulations lovely! I could pick it up from Helen and get it as far as Bris if that helps? Could you trust me not to kidnap it...?! xx


Oooh houseenvy...thank you so much for the very kind offer! You can't keep it though!!! I will mail you tomorrow. Wish I could make the meal...sigh...


what a great buy...

i'm looking forward to seeing a pic when you have it installed...


I can't wait to get it in place so I can take some pics custardbydesign. My friend Helen is looking after it well but is threatening to keep it to match the one she has!


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